28 Oct, 2021 - wall art

If we turn back the pages of time, we see that the ancient buildings and citadels show a remarkable history of Wall art as we see today. It is therefore not a new invention rather it is as old as human development itself. It has its genesis in the MIDDLE AGE when people used to paint walls of caves, aiming to express their notions and concepts.

Prehistoric wall arts
World's oldest arts - prehistoric wall paintings.


Wall art reached its peak in the revival period in Europe. If we look at ancient history we find that wall art was done at different places, like, state capitals, caves, churches, castles, and various buildings.

In medieval times, primarily in the 13th century, Wall Art was much more popular with kings and the upper class of the community who would use wall art to enhance the grace of their mansions and impress the public with unique and rich designs.


Tapestries in old times were thick pieces of fabric with designs and motifs embossed on them. The patterns were made by weaving different coloured threads. The threads were stretched on a loom and would serve as a grid to create the desired style. The person performing the job was and still is referred to as a needleworker.

Tapestry in those times was used to decorate walls and also worked for furnishings. Additionally, it acted as an insulating material to provide warmth in the intense winters. The concept of woven wall hangings flourished in Europe to beautify the churches, temples, and houses. Initially, this artwork depicted religious aspects but later on portrayed some historical events.

Murals are another beautiful artwork, dating back to 30.000 BC consists of the earliest paintings mainly in France and Egypt, and also, some art pieces that are either hung from the wall or ceiling or applied directly on the wall. This is for a fact that murals are as old as mankind and so provide valuable information about our predecessors, life activities, and the spiritual traditions and culture of the time they were made.


A FRESCO PAINTING is by far the oldest method of wall art which sees paint mixed with water and the colour and applied on plaster on the wall surfaces. Fresco painting is best for making murals since it renders a monumental style, is long-lasting and has a matte surface. However, in the modern world, artists have introduced new techniques of mural painting such as tempera, oil painting, and acrylic painting.


Present-day wall décor revolves around wooden and metallic art which includes Carved Wooden pieces, painted wooden art, abstract and rustic wall decors. Geometric wall prints are also in vogue especially for the bedroom and living area. Modern wall art can add colour, feel and feature to any space while delivering your taste and choices, making a political statement, or solely presenting a piece that catches your attention. Artworks can be colourful, neutral, lustrous, or a combination of such things.

Besides, putting rugs on the walls and also showcasing sculptural sconce is not only eye-catching but also does some admirable duty on wall décor. Despite the unlimited opportunities we see in decorating our homes, WOOD and METALS are so far the most popular wall art elements. In the case of wooden wall art, traditional woodworking is the key to achieving great quality products. It adds a great finishing to the result. On the other hand, carved wood is more stylish, creates a beautiful contrast, and exhibits a great aesthetic sense.

Metal wall art is big and bold. When combined with wooden work, it can give a much modern look. It is an attractive artistic statement for any living area in your house. Metallic pieces create a focal point like nothing else can do. The best thing about metal wall décor is that it is durable and so lasts for generations. In some cases, you can rearrange the pieces to design your style and this shows the flexibility of metallic pieces.


When it comes to making wall pieces, wood is an amazing material to work with. Every house be it a traditional or a modern one, features some sort of woodwork either in the form of basic furniture or any other decorative or artistic piece. As far as the wood technologies are concerned, we classify them into three main categories as described below.

Traditional woodworking

This uses only hand tools such as workbenches, marking and measuring instruments, carving tools, chisels, etc., and also comprises of the ancient techniques.

Using Power Tools

Power tools come into play when fast, cheaper and mass production is required. It involves electrical drills, power saws, etc. the products lack speciality and most importantly individuality. Hence, it is not recommended when fine quality and highly precise products are to be made.

Digital woodworking

This consists of routers such as CNC routers and Laser routers. These are extremely efficient at cutting curves accurately and with great clarity. Not only this, it provides flexibility and quality product at the end.


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