25 Oct, 2021 - wall art

Want to make a house, your home? With a few tips and tricks in home décor, you can completely transform your space into a more cosy and voguish one. Wall art has its place when it comes to interior design. It adds colour and personal touch to your room which is quite interesting. To serve the purpose, NORDWOODART is the key.   




Wall hanging is a concoction of contemporary and traditional art. This form of art encompasses vast creative ideas such as paintings, hanging mirrors and stylish plates on the walls and also wall mounted planters to add a bit of nature to your area. Adding paper lights to your wall not only enhances the design but also gives a feeling of warmth to your space. Such admirable artwork is found to be dramatically appreciated in the modern digital age. 


A perfect room is defined as one in which the walls are beautifully embellished. It gives an ideal finishing and a functional look to the area. The wall hangings offer a great way to add some spark to your living area and produce a harmonious interior. 


Going back, wall art is believed to be one of the oldest art forms, yet capable of orating your home and giving it a defined look. The prehistoric men used to decorate their walls with murals and the best thing about this was that the architectural elements of the space were beautifully incorporated into the artwork. These murals hold great importance for mankind, as they illustrated life activities, everyday landscape and usually religious and spiritual traditions of the old times, giving us a precious look at the variety of cultures during different periods. Over time, murals covered the interiors of many buildings, such as palaces, temples, tombs, museums and houses. This ancient desire of decorating expanse still lives in our hearts and so drives us towards this concept of art.    


Wood is extensively used for home décor and wall art. Although it is available in different textures and weights, Carved Wood is practically more popular and can create a beautiful contrast. Wood wall hangings can add much requisite effect to your home design and modify the style of the room. Wooden décor items rarely go out of fashion and are a pleasing addition to your space. 

NORDWOODART –   all time destination for you!

NordWoodArt knows it all and is passionate about making your home the way you have dreamt of your entire life. We believe in making pieces that resonate with your personality and sprucing up your home interior in the best possible ways. Be it Cultural diversity or Natural Beauty, we make designs that are inspiring and captivating. 


NORDWOODART features the best home and living, Home Décor, Wall Hangings, Wooden Wall Art and Modern Art that deserves a spot in your home. These amazing art pieces will instantly add feel and hues to your space. It will help make a well stylish space that you will enjoy.  


The products are rich in quality and can be customized for a complement. We integrate divergent wood techniques and up to date technology to make patterns and art pieces that stand out. Various pieces that you see are handmade and given smooth finishing before it gets into your hands. Every product here has its statement and is exclusive in style. It is made with great care to make it free of any faults. We make animal art, cultural wall hangings and art portraying our MOTHER NATURE. 


NORDWOODART with its great aesthetic sense ensures a unique blending of colours and good quality materials (WOOD, PLYWOOD, WOOD GLUE, WOOD FINISH, WOOD VARNISH etc.) with a sleek artistic movement to create designs that are pleasant to the eye and are worth buying. The entire process is carried out in our shop with great caution so that we deliver what we promise. We are mindful of every step involved in the art-making and with the use of the latest technology and advancements, high quality and beautiful pieces are handed over to you. Surely, you will love the designs.      

Generally, the process starts by selecting the plywood. Our art is multilayered and one art contains 6, 7 and up to 14 layers of plywood. The desired design is made and cut in a unique way that harmonizes with the other layers. Then, it is polished with sandpaper, stained and affixed together. Progressively, a couple of coats of matt varnish are done. Lastly, the wall fixing segment is fitted to help you position it on the wall. And there you go! The perfect wall hanging is ready to add some flair to your room. 


We aim to add texture and colours to your soulless and sterile walls so that they lift your mood and the atmosphere. Besides, it speaks volumes about your personality. Believe it or not, one would judge you by the walls of your house within seconds. Now, it might sound absurd, but it’s a fact. It gives a perspective to the visitor on what to anticipate by merely looking at the walls. 

So we work tirelessly to make stunning hanging pieces that stick out and are admired by the people and this is our only mission.