Wooden Wall Décor

19 Nov, 2021 - wall art

Wooden wall décor is one of the most accustomed décor found in every house. It mainly appears as wall hangings in beautiful geometric designs, wooden landscape art, and wooden panels, carved wall decor etc. wall décor to spice up your walls and add some colour and brightness to the dull and featureless walls. Also, it gives the necessary feel that your home deserves. Having amazing wall art can transmute a boring wall space into a fully functional masterpiece.

Turtle wall art
Wall hanging - turtle artwork


Wall art provides a focal point in your house that captivates the visitors and is a significant point around which you build the rest of your design. It provides an immediate colour palette. It brings a sense of texture and gives a defined and finished look to your space. Hence, without a doubt, wall art matters the most in the home interior.

Wooden wall decor is one of the most standout elements, one could give to their wall. Wooden wall decor complements any wall colour and holds great significance in interior designs. Wooden wall decoration can be in various forms as it uniforms any wall pattern of furniture of a particular room to be assembled and designed. 

Wooden wall hangings are used to give a place or a room a complementary component. It gives a basic room an aesthetic, fabricate, artistic and alluring feel which makes it more fascinating for the viewer. 

The best part of a wooden wall hanging is the fact that it can suit any colour scheme used in the room whether the colour of furniture or walls. Wooden hangings are can be sleek or can be carved with extra details as per the requirement.


Wooden wall hanging hold a great significance in interior designing as they are frequently being used in modern architecture as well. Wooden hanging can be of that basic brown colour or now it can be used as painted wood that comes in diverse colours.


Modern wall art includes wooden wall hangings, making a gallery wall or an accent wall, exhibiting a fabric or a rug, installing shelves on the walls, hanging plates or mirrors that add a sophisticated touch to your walls. It is not only pleasing to the eye but adds some life to your dreary walls. 

Wood is becoming more and more eminent for wall art and especially with painted wood, it can create a beautiful contrast. Wood is a highly flexible material that can be used in both the interior and exterior design of living rooms and workspaces. Not only does it give you countless décor possibilities, but it is also helpful in many other ways. 

Wooden wall hangings are available in different shapes, designs and sizes that suit every living space and make your walls the interesting ones. The contemporary designs include carved wooden pieces, abstract wood wall art, unique wooden panels, rustic wooden panels and much more.


This particular type of wall hanging includes wooden pieces that are hung on a wall to add an alluring approach to the wall. These include wall clocks, wooden panels, wooden trays and plates etc.  In the end, these amazing products are ready to find some space and add some glamour to your walls.

NordWoodArt- your nonstop destination for Wooden Décor

NordWoodArt works tirelessly to make products that stand out. We deal in pure wooden wall hangings that are made simply by using hand tools and laser technologies. Every product here is unique in style and design. Our speciality is "layer work" which includes multiple layered wall hangings that look modish and capture the visitor's attention. 

We make items that are close to our nature and respect our cultural aspects. Hence, it is a fact that NordWoodArt is the best destination for you to shop some stunning decorative art pieces for your dream house. The following are the categories we deal in.


An animal wood piece is a good option when it comes to embellishing your walls. Primarily, it includes wooden animal carvings and 3D natural animal decoration. The products are pure and of fine quality. 

They are handmade and so uniqueness is guaranteed. Moreover, wood is the raw material combined with other elements like plywood, glues and adhesives. The pieces are available in different sizes and colours and can be customized as per the customer's demand. The animals include whales, bears etc. 

Through animal art, we can explore our relationship to wildlife and can help us reckon about how we care for animals and the environment around us.


Our newly introduced cityscapes work is the talk of the town! We have made some stunning pieces that are all set to add some life to your walls.


We all are familiar with the fact that Spain has got the best architecture in Europe and our Spain cityscape is no less than that! Here again, the product is handmade and made with pure wood in an exclusive style.

The dimensions are precise and fit just the right way on your walls. We have made great efforts to make sure that the outcome is flawless and worth buying. The detailing is accurate and pinpoint.


NordWoodArt takes into account the significance of fine detailing of the art piece so that our customers get what they see in the photos. There shall be no difference between the two.


A colour scheme is one of the principal elements to convey the message behind the design on both visual and psychological levels. The colour scheme is one of the most important elements; this is because, when used correctly, colour can reflect the niche.

Colour can be used to evoke a certain temper or to create a meaning or sharp response in the viewer. The colours that NordWoodArt uses are dynamic. They show creativity, peace, harmony and optimism.

We believe that colour combination is a vital part of any artwork and is capable of making your work exceptionally good. With this view, we have used colours that are electrifying and vibrant.


We understand how important it is to know about the product well before investing in it to avoid disturbance and confusion in the end. Also, your satisfaction is our priority so we are here to help you out in every aspect and in every possible way.

We have got some cool photos which will surely help you out in knowing the art piece and how it would fit in your space. The customers should feel free to contact us if they have any queries regarding the customization of a product since we provide custom orders to facilitate our customers. In addition to that, our delivery and return policies are mentioned on the page for your ease. We have also shared genuine reviews of our customers in case you need help regarding the quality of our wall hanging décor pieces.

We will be glad if you visit our shop and get to know our work. Besides, NordWoodArt is determined to make you feel relaxed in your home and enjoy amidst our beautiful and lively wall art designs. Do visit our website for more information and if you have any query, have no qualm in contacting our customer support. We are always available to help you out!